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Blood tests are routinely done to monitor for side effects of treatment. This analysis is performed using a blood sample taken from a vein in the arm by needle or by a fingerprick.


We have a convenient in-office laboratory with a certified phlebotomist to perform blood draws when you are here for your appointment. Blood tests are checked prior to infusions for your safety.


We are equipped to perform some blood tests immediately in the office; other blood tests are sent to an outside laboratory for processing. These tests may include routine blood work or more specialized testing as needed, such as for genetic screening.



Various imaging techniques are useful in the management of cancer. These scans produce pictures of the internal body. They may be used to detect a cancer, to determine the location(s) of a cancer, to check if a treatment is working, or to check if a cancer has returned. Depending on the cancer, this could include scans such as mammograms, xrays, CT scans, PET scans, and MRIs.


When we order a scan for you, our front desk will work with you to coordinate scheduling. We will contact your insurance plan to obtain prior authorization if needed, and we will schedule the appointment for you before you leave our office. Imaging scans may be done at CPMC or a local facility near you, depending on your insurance.


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